Current Projects

March 2017

FORESIGHT Climate & Energy 03

In this issue of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy we go in search of a cure for renewables cannibalisation.

Dansk Erhverv
Spring 2017

The Confederation of Danish Enterprise – Special Magazine

The special magazine from the Confederation of Danish Enterprise was published at the anniversary of the Confederation of Danish Enterprise, held in Copenhagen Concert Hall in the spring. First Purple has the pleasure of being behind the special magazine for the sixth consecutive year in the spring of 2017. See the special magazine for 2016 […]

DI Energi
Spring 2017

DI Energy – Special Magazine

The special magazine is published in connection with the anniversary of DI Energi in the spring. The magazine is aimed at managers and experts in the Danish and international energy industry, policy makers and opinion leaders as well as foreign investors and companies interested in the Danish energy solutions, systems and forms of cooperation. See […]


Targeted advertising

The communication fails if it does not hit the right audience. Target your advertising with First Purple and aim your particular audience. We understand your challenges as advertisers and are ready to advise you by taking into account your needs so that your ad gets the full effect.

A strong ad is a valuable calling card for your business. Your ad is stronger if placed in the right media. The media is important for the effectiveness of your ad. Who do you identify and how do you want others to perceive your brand? First Purple offers advertising in serious media along with other reputable companies.

We know our magazines and target groups. We know the people who see your ad and in what context. We can therefore ensure that your marketing is targeted and relevant to the recipient.

Want to be profiled along with some of the biggest players in the industry?

The print is the optimal attention creator

Print ads have a long-acting effect leading to contemplation and reflection.

Print media contains no interference from e-mails, Skype calls or others and therefore, has a higher level of involvement and concentration from the reader. In addition, the printing is physical and awakens, as handwritten postcards do, an appreciative feeling that someone has thought of you and made an effort.

At First Purple Publishing, we work daily to create print publications, where thousands of recipients feel that the sender has made an effort.

Should we produce your ad?

Is your goal to advertise as effectively as possible? So let First Purple produce your next ad!

The visual expression is the paramount when producing an ad. At First Purple, you will receive individual advice and we will help you produce your ad. We have a team of talented and creative people to take care of your needs and desires for your next advertising.

Give us a call if you want our help to produce your graphic ad.


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