FORESIGHT Climate & Energy 02

October 2016

FORESIGHT 02 explores the efficient use of resources, from highly advanced recycling, to district cooling of buildings using seawater, to the way companies can use one another’s waste products in a process known as “industrial symbiosis.” Among other articles, we also take a look at a major wind technology advance being heralded as a big leap forward, the potential benefits of using big data in the electricity sector, and what the historic costs of energy generation can tell us about the right investment choices for tomorrow.

FORESIGHT is directed towards energy professionals who want to know more about the stream of innovations for decarbonisation of energy supply that flow from Denmark, a global hub of climate and energy expertise.

FORESIGHT 02 is a high quality print magazine of 66 pages. It is printed on 100% recycled uncoated, natural white offset paper which carries a range of certificates, i.e. the FSC-label for sustainable forestry.
With a well-targeted distribution to the international and Danish energy professionals, a total of 24,000 printed copies were distributed by direct mail, packages, at CPH Airport, at a number of international events, through newsstand sales and much more. Furthermore decision-makers in 15 different countries received an online version of FORESIGHT 01 and its digital content.

Enjoy the read.


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”The kind of in-depth journalism that FORESIGHT magazine provides is essential for an informed debate about the transition to a low-carbon economy. ”

Kristian Ruby - Secretary General of EURELECTRIC