FORESIGHT Climate & Energy 03

March 2017

In this issue of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy we go in search of a cure for renewables cannibalisation. Readers are taken on a journey through the next major challenge of the energy transition: how to design well functioning electricity markets for a future in which renewable energy is affordable, reliable and provides all our baseload power. The key lies in advanced management of a far larger, better integrated and more flexible energy system than the one we have today.

FORESIGHT is directed towards energy professionals who want to know more about the stream of innovations for decarbonisation of energy supply that flow from Denmark, a global hub of climate and energy expertise.

FORESIGHT 03 is a high quality print magazine of 66 pages. It is printed on 100% recycled uncoated, natural white offset paper which carries a range of certificates, i.e. the FSC-label for sustainable forestry.
With a well-targeted distribution to the international and Danish energy professionals, a total of 24,000 printed copies were distributed by direct mail, packages, at CPH Airport, at a number of international events, through newsstand sales and much more. Furthermore decision-makers in 15 different countries received an online version of FORESIGHT 01 and its digital content.

Enjoy the read.


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