Oil Gas Denmark
Annual Issue 2014

October 2014

This year’s annual magazine, which was produced in English and Danish, was published in connection with the Oil & Gas Summit 2014 in DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen.

With this year’s Annual Magazine Oil Gas Denmark found it important to emphasize the continuous increase in oil & gas in the coming decades. The magazine presents an interview with the Danish Minister of Climate and Energy in which the future strategy of the North Sea is in the spotlight. On top of this, Oil Gas Denmark wished to point out a number of relevant topics, e.g. career opportunities, the history of oil & gas in Denmark and globally, safety, energy efficiency and much more.

The message of the Annual Magazine was directed towards management and specialists in the Danish and foreign offshore industry. Furthermore political decision makers and opinion formers as well as foreign investors and companies with an interest in the Danish oil & gas industry.

The message of this year’s Annual Magazine was communicated in a nationally and internationally distributed 52-page high quality print magazine – with a thick magazine cover. Again this year, it was essential to put strong forces into the editorial content as well as the visual work. And with a targeted distribution to the international and Danish target groups, a total of +130,000 copies were distributed worldwide by direct mail and packages, at Copenhagen Airport, at high profile international Oil & Gas Expos (e.g. ONS 2014, Rio Oil & Gas 2014 and Oil Gas Summit 2014 in Copenhagen) and much more.

”I am very satisfied with our collaboration. With professionalism First Purple has taken responsibility for all practicalities – I have simply laid out the overall direction of articles and – whenever needed – approved with satisfaction. First Purple is refreshingly energetic and capable of being quality conscious. It is rare to find such individuals. My warmest recommendations. ”

Martin Peter Næsby - Mærsk for 15 years and now CEO in Olie Gas Danmark