The Confederation of Danish Enterprise
Annual Issue 2013

May 2013

The special magazine was produced in connection with the Confederation of Danish Enterprise Annual Day 2013 in the Bella Center and Folkemødet 2013 on the island of Bornholm.

It was the wish of the Confederation of Danish Enterprise to illustrate business challenges, successes and the future – and, not least, to focus on the need for growth and productivity in Denmark.

The messages of the magazine were aimed at managers and decision makers in the private sector, public decision-makers in the regions, municipalities and central government, as well as universities and colleges, politicians and opinion-makers.

The messages were communicated in a 48-page special magazine in high quality paper. The editorial and visual content was a high priority – not least in relation to the theme of growth and productivity in Denmark, how new possibilities could be utilized, and how cooperation can be improved in the future. In a magazine with a circulation of 125,000 copies, the target audience was addressed via direct mail and packaging delivery, the Confederation of Danish Enterprise Annual Day 2014, as well Folkemødet 2014 on Bornholm, at Copenhagen Airport and via a number of other distribution channels.