The Confederation of Danish Enterprise
Annual Issue 2014

April 2014

The special magazine was produced in connection with the Confederation of Danish Enterprise Annual Day 2014 in the Bella Center in Copenhagen.

It was the wish of the Confederation of Danish Enterprise to put the spotlight on the theme ‘the welfare state as a competition state’. As in the Confederation of Danish Enterprise Annual Day magazines from 2012 and 2013, the well-known business magazine described business challenges, successes and the future. In addition, the magazine had the essential message that private companies, government agencies, municipalities and universities can together help to increase competitiveness in Denmark – and that this is a joint project where everyone can contribute.

The magazine’s messages were largely focused on management and decision-makers in the private sector, government decision-makers and purchasers in municipalities, regions and central government, as well as universities and colleges, politicians and opinion formers.

The messages of the magazine were communicated in a 60-page special magazine in high quality paper. Emphasis was placed on using strong professional capabilities in the editorial and visual work. With a magazine print run of more than 145,000 copies, there is room to reach the target audience through various different channels, including: direct mail and packaging delivery, the Confederation of Danish Enterprise Annual Day 2014, ferries and holiday homes at Folkemødet 2014 on Bornholm, as well as at Copenhagen Airport – and two national newspapers.