Editor’s Newsletter – The Confederation of Danish Enterprise’s Annual Magazine 2016

Dansk Erhverv February 2016

Welcome to the special magazine which forms the framework of the Confederation of Danish Enterprise’s Anniversary 2016

By Lars Bo Axelholm, editor of Danish Chamber of Commerce Annual Magazine 2015

Once again this year, we at First Purple have the pleasure of being behind the special magazine which sets the scene for the Confederation of Danish Enterprise’s Anniversary.

The special magazine will be distributed via numerous channels to the public and private sectors and politicians, as well as at Folkemødet (the People’s Political Festival) and a series of events in 2016. The participants at the Anniversary event will obviously receive a copy.

As usual the special magazine will go into depth and offer a range of articles worthy of debate, providing readers with a better understanding and knowledge of the year’s Anniversary theme, which in 2016 is digitalization and its impact on companies’ business models.

As editor of the special magazine, together with the staff of journalists, photographer and layout artists, I am already well underway with organizing the content. It is inherently a bit of a puzzle, and we are doing our utmost to bring together a powerful blend with regard to content. Portraits, features and background articles are some of the items we have in the pipeline.

The idea is e.g. that we offer articles where the reader is given the opportunity to meet selected key persons from the Danish business sector, and hear about their experiences of digitalization. We examine what digitalization means for front line management.
The aim is to give the reader an insight into the reaction of the very best in the Danish business sector and how they respond to the stark reality of everyday life, where the only constant is change.
Furthermore, the content of the special magazine comes about in close cooperation with key employees of the Confederation of Danish Enterprise, so that we are continuously able to ensure that, as far as possible, the special magazine supports the theme day, and that all those involved in the Confederation of Danish Enterprise’s Anniversary, see the special magazine as a valuable contribution.

One of today’s major topics of conversation at the coffee machine is the concept of disruption, and this is something we at the special magazine, want to shine the spotlight on. Disruption conceals development, where the company suddenly experiences competition from an unexpected quarter. When new players in the field can completely change the business model thanks to new technological possibilities. The best known examples of disruptive technologies are obviously players like Uber and Airbnb. But does development stop here? The special magazine examines what the new digital opportunities mean for the companies’ business models.

In this way, the special magazine gives the reader a greater understanding of the digital reality and hopefully we evoke food for thought. Perhaps there will also be room for something to make you smile along the way. In any case, we aim to create a special magazine which the reader will want to keep long after the Confederation of Danish Enterprise’s Anniversary 2016 has passed.

We utilise a small number of the most talented journalistic ‘craftsmen’ for assembling the content, writing the articles and taking the most powerful images. I would particularly like to emphasise that we at First Purple work together with photographer Lars Just, one of the country’s most influential press photographers. Among other things, Lars has a background in politics, and he has his own strong ability to create stunning images, and he is our guarantee that the picture pages in the special magazine will be elevated into the premier league. You can look forward to that and much more in the Confederation of Danish Enterprise’s Anniversary, Annual Magazine 2016.