FORESIGHT secures capital and technology investment

November 2023

New capital injection and technology will boost internationally-renowned energy transition media

Investment from the newly established Planetary Responsibility Foundation (PRF) and technological support from Danish media firm Zetland is helping FORESIGHT Media Group to grow its international reach and coverage. The vision of the three parties is to build on the trustworthy global profile established by FORESIGHT Climate & Energy with its in-depth journalism on the global energy transition.

The investment from PRF, which acquires up to 25% ownership in FORESIGHT Media Group, also enables the establishment of a brand-new section with a particular focus on climate and biodiversity in and around cities and buildings.

Since its establishment in 2016, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy has evolved into a reliable source of knowledge about the barriers and solutions in transitioning to a fossil-free economy through independent and in-depth journalism.

“The goal over the next five years, with new investments in sales, marketing, technology and content, is to increase the number of subscribers by several hundred per cent, reaching more decision-makers worldwide. It makes sense for us to expand our profile with a new section on sustainable development in cities and buildings, which account for nearly half of the global energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We are now establishing an independent editorial team and an international network of journalists in the field,” says Kasper Thejll-Karstensen, co-founder of FORESIGHT Media Group.

“The investment in FORESIGHT Media Group is the first for the PRF foundation and aligns with the foundation’s purpose of sharing knowledge about solutions that contribute to sustainable development. We have a strong shared value with FORESIGHT and Zetland and look forward to following the development of the media as it reaches even more decision-makers worldwide while strengthening the dissemination of knowledge and solutions that can make a difference in the built environment,” says Jens Böhme, CEO of PRF.

Zetland, a digital news media, is the third partner to help turbocharge FORESIGHT’s international platform. “Through this partnership, we can test our developed technology in the international media market, and we look forward to sharing our experiences from Denmark. We have much in common with FORESIGHT, including the recognition that independent and engaged journalism can contribute to shared knowledge and important progress in sustainable development. The new section on cities and buildings made possible by PRF is important considering global urbanisation and the overconsumption of nature’s resources,” says Tav Klitgaard, CEO of Zetland.

Over 100,000 decision-makers worldwide have access to FORESIGHT Climate & Energy. The media has focused on the transition to renewable energy, particularly emphasising energy markets, cities, finance, business, politics and technology. The investment from PRF will establish an editorial team and section that delves into the impact of cities and the built environment on the climate and biodiversity crises, conveying research-based knowledge and solutions.

FORESIGHT Climate & Energy publishes up to three weekly articles online, produces internationally-leading podcasts and releases a high-quality themed print magazine twice a year. •

Contact details:

FORESIGHT Media Group / FORESIGHT Climate & Energy
CEO Kasper Thejll-Karstensen
P +45 3143 4114

Planetary Responsibility Foundation
CEO Jens Böhme
P  +45 2969 5282

CEO Tav Klitgaard
P +45 5190 9850

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