FORESIGHT Spring/Summer 2019. Make heating and cooling clean.

May 2019

The eight issue of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is now available!


We all like to live and work at a comfortable temperature, but achieving this is contributing significantly to climate change.

Fossil fuels remain the dominant energy source globally for heating and cooling. In the EU, heating and cooling represent over half of energy consumption, equivalent to more than 500 million tonnes of oil equivalent each year.

It does not have to be this way. Technologies exist to change this, to replace coal, oil and natural gas with clean energy sources, but poor policies mean this transition is slow in most countries.

In FORESIGHT 08, we underline the urgent need for lawmakers to step up to the plate to ensure a timely and cost-effective turnaround in the heating and cooling sector. We discuss the technologies that will lead this transition, where more work is needed, and showcase innovative solutions.

Here are some highlights to wet your appetite:
– CITIES: The path to emissions-free district heating in Denmark
– TECHNOLOGY: Parisian radiators with brains
– MARKETS: Goodbye to natural gas
– POLICY: Interview with Dominique Ristori, European Commission
– PHOTO ESSAY: Tomatoes and Tulips

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