Introducing FORESIGHT Climate & Energy


Today sees the launch of a new magazine of record for international energy professionals who want to know more about the stream of innovations for decarbonisation of energy supply that flow from Denmark, a global hub of climate and energy expertise.

In the best traditions of independent, investigative journalism, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy Business Denmark bridges the knowledge gap between the challenges of climate change faced by governments and companies everywhere and the solutions available from Denmark.

In the launch issue of FORESIGHT we tell the story of Denmark’s transition to all-renewable energy for heat and power; how smart thinking and new technology is making cities nicer, cleaner and more adaptable to rapid growth and weather extremes; and why financial innovation has brought a new level of investor confidence to the climate and energy space. Plus much more.

At FORESIGHT we are passionate about inspiring the world with stories of clean energy solutions for profitable business and sustainable growth. When solutions to the challenges of climate change are not properly understood, appear economically out of reach, or lie in obscurity, progress slows. Public policy lacks clarity. Market visibility is reduced. Business suffers. A more knowledgeable world is an enlightened world. Our aim is to reach as large a global audience as possible with stories that shed light on the way ahead.

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