It is no secret that we have a passion for magazines and for what a magazine product can do…


We are specialized in magazines of high quality and with great impact. First Purple Publishing offers you a high-end magazine product that addresses your key messages and areas of interest. We adapt the communication to your business or organization and never compromise on quality.

Magazines represent communication with high credibility and because of our strong network of journalists, photographers, responsible for graphic layout, ad sellers, etc., we can always build the optimum editorial for your project and needs.

The print media has endless possibilities and is the perfect media to create awareness. A magazine that radiates quality will also add a very special kind of exclusivity to your message. We always make sure to use the many options offered by the print media when it comes to creativity and exclusivity.

A printed magazine will always create attention and the information will not disappear from one day to the other, as in the case of online magazines. The printed media can be saved, taken anywhere and reused. The diversity and the multiple options of the paper allow the reader to get a unique experience with the printed media.

The magazine is a serious media, organized in good time before publication. This media requires a lot of preparatory work since there are many elements to be combined in order to get the best possible product. At the same time, the magazine is a media that encourages introspection when the reader sits down with the magazine in his/her hand – it’s a pause and a moment taken offline from a busy day.

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