An annual report is a big project, but also a project to be carried out each year. So how about producing it in a format that allows you to take it out again and again?

We at First Purple are very visual and content-oriented and we are of the opinion that the two elements reinforce each other’s effect. You deliver the content for your report and we create the visual frame around the content. When you have something related to paper, expression, binding, lacquer or graphics, we can help you create an exclusive report that can be taken and used again and again. We know the meaning of the visual expression and creative twist. An annual report can quickly become a bible of heavy content, so why not bring the heavy numbers to life with a creative aspect that can have a major impact on the report’s overall appearance and longevity?

We put together practical and creative minds to create the best result for you.

Take a look at our latest production report.

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