VIDEO – FORESIGHT – Climate & Energy

April 2016

New Danish climate and energy magazine set to capture a global audience.

Industrialised countries the world over are faced with the challenge of transitioning to a decarbonised economy without sacrificing growth. Denmark leads the world in achieving this transition, which the government aims to complete for electricity and heating by 2035 and for transport by 2050. The country is a living laboratory for the delivery of reliable and affordable green energy.

Foresight Climate & Energy Business, a new magazine and website, has set itself the task of telling the world how Denmark will achieve its aims. It will gather the threads of Denmark’s learning in climate and energy solutions and tie them together in a mix of lively but highly authoritative reporting, presented in a winningly attractive and high class format reflective of the best traditions of Danish design.

No longer do Denmark’s climate and energy achievements have to be a little understood mystery in the outside world, or regarded with deep scepticism by disbelievers fed on misinformation. Foresight is the new magazine of record for the climate and energy sector. Not only will it inform the world of the very latest Danish innovations, whether they be products and processes, systems and solutions, or a brilliant new utilisation of IT in energy efficiency, Foresight will be a platform for setting the record straight, for correcting misrepresentation of the Danish approach, for answering misleading claims and for countering misreporting.

If you want to know more about Foresight, visit the brand new website