We offer

First Purple produces print media. It’s that simple. From magazines printed on thousands of copies for the exclusive ‘coffee table books’ to a few hundred copies.

You get everything from concept, editing, design and production to printing and distribution. You decide the services you want.

We do not have any permanent staff on the editorial part, but we are working with a large network of some of the best freelance journalists, editors, photographers and others. We are therefore able to create project teams with exactly the skills that are needed for your project. It keeps your costs down and the quality of the product at the top.

We always consider your needs as being very important and prepare a plan and a budget according to these.
We start to produce your release only after you decided on the solution that best suits your needs.

The print is a more complex media than expected. Thinking through a printed matter has many unknown aspects and one has to face many barriers that do not exist in the “simple” online media. We are experts in following the projects through to the end and we always make sure that all parts implied in the process are progressing smoothly.

We offer printing solutions with or without advertising sales. Our Sales Department is trained to act as representatives of your company and will always present your release to relevant stakeholders in a serious and respectful manner. See our offer in the field of media production below.